How should a college student pick the best laptops for their needs?

When you go to college, one of the main essentials of a good college kit includes a good laptop.

Laptops are fast replacing the conventional method of taking notes in a notebook or a pad.

Therefore, you need something that is perfectly suited to your needs, but at the same time goes easy on your wallet.

That way, you can just as easily get through the day without having to worry about the device failing or running to the service store again and again.

So what are a few factors that you have to consider while buying a new laptop as a college student?


For all the people not very familiar with the different kinds of computer specs out there, you need to know two basic things regarding speed. Number one; make sure that you have the latest processor in your laptop. Now this isn’t exactly a rocket science since most of the processors have a version name. The latest ones by Intel range from i3 to i7, and the better ones are on the i5-i7 range. The processor is the core piece of machinery that runs the whole laptop. The second thing you have to keep in mind is the RAM. For completely academic purposes, a laptop of about 4GB RAM should be just about right for you. However, if you are planning to use the laptop for other purposes such as a little gaming on weekends, you might want to bump up the RAM to about 8 GB. Speed is everything and you need to be able to juggle from one program to the other without any hiccups.


Size includes both the size of the laptop and the display screen. The size of the laptop is directly dependant on how easy it is for you to use. If you are a slow typist, you probably need a bigger laptop with bigger keys so that they are easy to access and make it easier for you to quickly type some notes. However, if you’re on the faster end, you can probably make do with a smaller more compact laptop that gives you more desk space for books and such. Either ways, you do not want to compromise on the size of the laptop. The display screen size is equally important. You do not want to squint to get a good view of the notes you made and keep zooming in and zooming out. You want ergonomic optimization, which basically includes ease of access and easy to read the text on screen.


Budget is one of the main things that you need to focus on as a student. As a beginner’s laptop, you do not really have a lot on your mind when it comes to budget and splurging is something that you cannot do with a new laptop. However, you need to understand that you cannot compromise on the qualities and features because this device is going to be by your side for a long time. A cheaper option will usually mean letting go of robustness, and sturdiness.

Best laptops for college students:

The best way to choose from the best model your next laptop, if you watch this video:

This video review the best models from the Amazon – so you don’t need it.

We check every laptop which is in the video and all of them are recommended models!

Use this article to choose your laptop and your next computer will be futureproof! :)

If you has any other question, feel free to ask!


IPS Monitors – Compare and Buy Best Model

The buyer is bound to compare various monitor models and types before picking the most suitable one.

There are many websites online that provide information on detailed specifications and features of monitors while comparing with other models in the market.

It is always advised to approach a trusted website for accurate information on features and prices.

iyamaa X2485WS Prolite 24" IPS LED Monitor

Here are some features of LCDs that are most sought after:

Viewing angle:

The color of normal LCDs differ when viewed from different angles. These are not true colors because the TN or VA panel types are not enhanced. IPS type monitors are known for their clarity, color accuracy on edges of the monitor, and most importantly consume less power. The disadvantage of wide viewing angle is there is minimum privacy, and one has to go for screen privacy protectors. Professionals belonging to industrial engineering, doctors in surgery rooms require these types of monitors. The IPS is available in larger screens.

Color range:

Color range is a crucial aspect for creative professionals. This feature should be accurate from edge to edge for an image to look perfect in colors. The colors in a standard LCD vary on edges. Hence, the display can produce an adequate color image with a wide range.

Contrast settings:

to keep things simpler with contrast measurement, an essential rule is it is low when black levels are poor. As of now, there are no industry standards to measure contrast and assign a benchmark. The contrast levels are low for flat television screens. Plasma and CRT have better contrast levels when compared to LCD technology. The best contrast is obtained when backlight of each pixel don’t shine through black pixels.


The lesser the response time of a LCD, the better picture quality received. The images turn blur if the answer time is high. This happens because the color moves from pixel to pixel very slowly that makes the image and its color to lag behind.

All the above features are best measured and produce best quality image in an IPS panel monitor. 

For this reasons I suggest to choose IPS monitor when you buy a new one!

Where you select the best models? is one of the best sites to compare LCD models and pick the model you like.

The website features models from Dell, Asus, Hewlett Packard, and NEC.

The tabular comparison describes features other than what we discussed above like interface options, screen adjustable features, screen size, and warranty.

The website also has detailed information on IPS monitor’s technology in theory and video-presentation.

Please visit to know about various models with IPS and features.

If you want to choose a trusted brand check out Dell IPS monitors at

Don’t delay and just go for it!!! :)

Latest ASUS 4k monitor with IPS and 100% sRGB coverage under $800

The cheaper 4kmonitors with TN panels is around $300, but most professionals prefer using IPS technology. The TN technology is more older and IPS has better colors so the choice is entirely understandable.

ASUS introduced the brand newest monitors with IPS technology and with 4K display. The models maximum resolution is 3,840*2,160 pixel. This is more what HDMI able to manage so the monitor has DisplayPort (or Mini DisplayPort). Not to mention the 100% sRGB which means all of the colors completely realistic and look like in the real life! Very few current display know this especially in this price range. Most of the DELL monitors able to display just 99% sRGB.




These abilities can show the new dimensions of colors for the high-end display enthusiasts whether you want to watch pictures or play movies.

The price of the product is $799 which really great for the perfomance. The response time is just 5ms.

ASUS PB279Q uses WLED blacklight with 100,000,000:1 Contrast ratio and 1.07 billion colors (10-bit).asus-monitor1

The monitors is fully adjustable (pivot, tilt, swivel) and VESA compatible so you can mount on a wall or arm.

The ASUS monitor has four HDMI connector, single Displayport 1.2 port and a Mini displayport. Also offer a 2w stereo speaker a 3,5mm simple jack and audio-in port.

The design of the monitor is very attractive and really good for professional and home use also.


I think this will be a really good buy and the color accurancy will be amazing too!

Unfortunately not yet available in the US but ASUS start shipping within a few months.

So if you would like to buy this monitor check the asus website in the previous months.

New Mac Pro 2014

Hey guys, I am reviewing the latest 2014 Mac Pro. Probably you read about this thing’s price because it obvious it is expensive a lot.

It around from $4000 so not the cheapest one! Please view this video and you will know everything what need to!

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